Telco NFV Transformation – Accelerated with Service Orchestration

Cloudify orchestration introduces a whole new paradigm for telecom providers to virtualize and automate their infrastructure, in a process that is short and efficient in magnitude

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Best vCPE/uCPE Enterprise Service Award Winner

Read about Cloudify's Open vCPE and SD-WAN solution delivered to Partner Communications in record time, which won us the 2017 Network Transformation Award.

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The New Award-Winning Paradigm In NFV

From Infrastructure First To Orchestration First

Cloudify is a model-driven cloud orchestration platform native to network functions virtualization (NFV), that is open source and based on the TOSCA standard. Cloudify helps operators and VNF vendors perform a rapid transition from non-virtualized appliance ecosystem to a virtualized one with full lifecycle management and orchestration, breaking the heavy, costly, and proprietary black box model of OSS and BSS.

Cloudify orchestration is delivering carrier-grade solutions for open vCPE, fully managed and orchestrated VNFs - vIMS, uCPE, VoLTE TAS, vSBC, CSRC with end-to-end service function chaining, Edge Computing, Enterprise NFV, and more.

Accelerate Time To NFV

Reach NFV and self service in just a few months, rather than years

Utilize Existing Infrastructure

Incremental process - no need for full infrastructure replacement as a starting point

No Vendor Lock-in

Model-driven design allows switching between network functions: physical and virtual, open and proprietary


Cloudify is a cloud-native platform and establishes the right foundation for building a full-cloud operation

Orchestration First - How Does It Work?

1. Automate Existing Processes

Existing services are automated with no initial investment in infrastructure.

2. Open Infrastructure Up

The open framework enables the incremental addition of new services, networking, and infrastructure.

3. Begin Offering Self Service

Within only months of launch, operators and their customers can enjoy the flexibility and profitability that come with self service.

4. Add New Capabilities Incrementally

The Cloudify platform is entirely open – making it easy to add new services according to needs.

Built on TOSCA

Cloudify is bridging the gap between IT & networking concepts, bringing web-scale best practices to the Telco world. As a model-driven cloud native platform based on TOSCA and built for large-scale network services, Cloudify enables VNF providers, telcos and operators alike to realize the benefits of the cloud by radically simplifying the transition from non-virtualized appliance to virtualized all the way through cloud-native VNF, with full lifecycle management and orchestration.

Learn more about TOSCA

Cloudify is leading the open source and cloud native disruption in NFV, and as the leading orchestration behind the TOSCA specification is actively participating in defining these standards.

Founding Platinum Member of ONAP, a leading Linux Foundation project aimed to define the next generation of Network Automation.

Cloud Native VNF Onboarding

Solve the management and orchestration of your own VNF by embedding Cloudify as your VNFM solution. Cloudify is inherently built for integration, OEM, and interoperability, enabling organizations to build best-of-breed NFV stacks.

Learn more about why Metaswitch, Netnumber, ASOCs, 6Wind, Fortinet and many other VNF Vendors have selected Cloudify as their VNFM of choice.

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