Cloudify Product Lifecycle and Service Discontinuance

The common Cloudify product lifecycle policy is based on the following guidelines (unless stated otherwise in your service contract):

  • For all Cloudify versions, technical support is provided for 2 years, starting from the public availability date (GA) of the release of the relevant product version.
  • Effective as of the official Support Discontinuance Date (2 years after GA) these versions will no longer be supported under a standard support agreement. Extended Support may be available for an additional limited period, for an extra fee. Please contact Cloudify Customer Services for more details.
  • Maintenance releases (Service Packs) are made publicly available and are driven by customer feedback.  

Key Dates and Issues

Listed below are the Support Discontinuance Dates for recent Cloudify versions. As of these dates, the respective versions will no longer be supported under the standard Cloudify support agreement. Until the Support Discontinuance Date for each version, support for patches, service packs and rolling patches will continue, per the terms of your current support contract, however, no new features, configurations (HW, SW, SDKs) will be implemented.

Cloudify Premium & Community Editions R3.4.x – Support Discontinuance Date is July 30th, 2018; as of this date, R3.4.x will complete 2 years of full service.

Cloudify Premium & Community Editions R4.0.x – Support Discontinuance Date is April 30th, 2019; as of this date, R4.0.x will complete 2 years of full service.

Versions no longer supported – the following Cloudify releases have already passed the Support Discontinuance Date and are no longer supported under the standard Cloudify support agreement:

  • Cloudify R3.3x (effective September 2017, will be supported through December 31, 2017)
  • Cloudify R3.2x (effective May 2017, will be supported through December 31, 2017)
  • Cloudify R3.1x (effective December 2016, will be supported through December 31, 2017)


Product Release GA Date Last Maintenance Service Pack Release Planned Next Maintenance Service Pack Release Support Discontinuation (“End of Life”)
3.4 July 2016 3.4.2, March 2017 No Plans July 2018
4.0 April 2017 4.0.1, May 2017 No Plans April 2019
4.1 July 2017 4.1.1, July 2017 No Plans July 2019
4.2 November 2017 No Plans November 2019
4.3 March, 2018 No Plans March 2020
4.4 Q3, 2018  2020


Upgrade Path and Assistance

Upon request, Cloudify Customer Success experts can offer you an Upgrade Support Package, which includes the following services tailored to your needs:

  • Supporting the new version rollout process, tuning, and stability
  • Upgrade Assessment
  • System Architecture Design
  • Cloudify 4.x Basic Training (education program as part of Cloudify Academy)
  • Assisted Development Services During Upgrade
  • Code & System Review
  • Upgraded Production Environment Setup
  • Extended Rollout Support
  • Full Managed Cloudify Deployment

Upgrading will ensure that you leverage all the bug fixes and improvements of the most current version, and will ensure our ability to properly support you should you encounter any issues.

Furthermore, Cloudify has made tremendous improvements in scalability, stability, performance, user experience and functionality in version 4.x. Upgrading your application to the latest 4.x version and migrating to our latest best practices will ensure you leverage Cloudify technology to its fullest capabilities, minimize deployment risks, shorten project cycle times. Cloudify has modular consultancy and professional services designed to ensure smooth and effective deployment of our solutions.

The recommended upgrade path is to first move to Cloudify 3.4.x and then upgrade to the latest 4.x release. Customers on annual subscription can upgrade to latest release as well.

Third-Party EOL Policy

Python 2.6 EOL – based on information made publicly available by the Python Software Foundation (PSF), as of October 28th 2013, Python 2.6.x has reached its End of Service Life (EOSL).

Extended Support

To extend your support beyond a release’s Support Discontinuance Date, please contact Cloudify Customer Services.

Additional Information

For more information on supported configurations, compatibility, and new features in Cloudify releases, please refer to:

What’s New in Cloudify 4.3.x: Release Notes


Last updated: 1 July, 2018