About Cloudify

Orchestrating Distributed Networks, Edge Sites, Devices, and Applications — End-to-end, at Scale

Our Vision Is To Enable The Future Of Edge Computing!

And our mission is critical! An increasing amount of data is being pushed away from datacenters and clouds to the edge of the network. The massive amount of data in our current systems is overwhelming, leaving many systems unable to handle the low latency, real-time analytics, and applications necessary for some devices to function as intended. Data is, therefore, shifting toward the edge due to bandwidth constraints and a renewed need for on-site data processing at greater speeds and efficiency.

Our goal is to increase the pace of global innovation by simplifying extremely complex network processes and procedures. Streamlining IT practices is no simple task, but our approach and the technology we employ make it not just a possibility but a reality.

Cloudify provides universal edge orchestration that enables service providers and enterprises to automate, manage and virtually transform their network and application services from their core location to branches and multi-access edge devices. Cloudify radically simplifies end-to-end network automation through its open source, intent-based orchestration platform, which
connects to any cloud, device, or third-party automation tool. With its award-winning TOSCA-
based technology, Cloudify saves enterprises and service providers cost and time while
ensuring flexibility and preventing vendor lock-in. Cloudify has headquarters in Herzliya, Israel,
and offices in the US and Europe.

Our Partners

Cloudify is proud to be building an ecosystem of technology, service providers and community partners.

Technology Partners

Technology Integration Partners

One Commerce is a leading partner in the Philippines, delivering NFV & SDN solutions to CSPs leveraging Cloudify.

One Commerce and Cloudify are building joint-solutions for management and orchestration of network functions and services.


Aptira are our leading partner in the Australia region, who design, deploy and manage open cloud solutions to meet the most demanding applications.

Aptira and Cloudify have been partnering to deliver solutions for open infrastructure and NFV & SDN for leading Telcos & enterprises in the region.


Atos are a leading partner in Europe collaborating to bring maximum benefit to enterprise customers.

Atos and Cloudify are building joint-solutions for DevOps, hybrid cloud &digital transformation use cases.


Amartus is one of our leading partners, and together we help CSPs worldwide accelerate towards cloud-based networking transformation

Amartus supports Cloudify in delivery of turnkey SDN, NFV & cloud-native solutions to global CSPs through R&D consulting and software development& integration.


NTT DATA INTELLILINK is aleading partner in the Japan region, one of the world’s largest IT companies.

NTT DATA INTELLILINK and Cloudify have been partnering to deliver turnkey support services, including system integration consulting, customized development of managed cloud infrastructure and network equipment, and managed services.


One Commerceis a leading partner in the Philippines, delivering NFV & SDN solutions toCSPs leveraging Cloudify.

One Commerce and Cloudify are building joint-solutions for management and orchestration of network functions and services


Kapsch Carrier Comspecializes in robust, multi-vendor environments and full-scale deployments -together we are speeding up SDN/NFV adoption for CSPs & enterprises.

Kapsch CarrierCom and Cloudify accelerate the NFV journey towards fully orchestrated and cloud-native solutions.


Coda Global is a cloud-native consultancy and application developer that helps companies accelerate their journey to the cloud

Coda Global and Cloudify are building joint solutions to accelerate the DevOpsand digital transformation of startups and large organizations


GRTH specializes in assisting companies with their digital transformation from traditional IT to the cloud and provides end-to-end solutions to its customers at both the business and technological levels.

With this alliance, Cloudify and GRTH will work on delivering multi-cloud orchestration use cases for enterprises and telcos.


Community Partners