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Easily model your applications in simple TOSCA declarative blueprint files that can be shared by Dev ands Ops teams, governed, deployed to production and then visualized.
  Get Ops, NetOps, and developers  working on the same platform  building best of breed stacks,
 monitoring all of their
 applications & network services  through a single pane of glass.

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Radically Simplifying Multi-Cloud

Everyone wants the agility and cost efficiency of the cloud, but many times this transition in a constantly changing landscape is too complex, with new & disruptive technologies emerging daily, rendering the road to transformation a never ending journey.


Transformation Made Easy

Many technologies require a complete rewrite and digital transformation in order to gain the benefits of cloud native technology. Cloudify lowers the barrier of entry to automation – by enabling organizations to optimize existing stacks alongside new technologies – making it possible to protect existing technology investments, while introducing new technology incrementally.

Robust Access Governance

Governance is always a concern when moving to new technologies, likewise regulatory compliance in highly regulated industries. Cloudify’s fine-grained role based access control and multi-tenancy now makes it possible to automate the governance of your cloud resources alongside compliance with regulations, without hindering DevOps processes.

Networking as Code

An often overlooked aspect of the stack is the networking. Core network services need to be automated as part of the application lifecycle, being driven by the application – similar to compute & storage. This is even more challenging with multi-cloud environments opening up a whole new set of network security vulnerabilities.

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The Shift to the Service-Oriented Cloud

Gluing all of your APIs together.

The move from VMs through uServices and even FaaS* (enter new and exciting technology here), requires a radically different approach to cloud management that is more service-oriented. The next phase of the cloud evolution will shift from providing basic IaaS capabilities such as compute, networking, and storage to a significantly richer set of services across a wide spectrum of the stack.

Cloudify, built for pluggability and evolvability, makes it possible to manage & automate all of your services across environments, while maintaining governance & control.

Why 70% of NFV and Digital Transformations Fail

While many organizations are trying to undertake digital transformation initiatives, as many as 70% of these initiatives fail when organizations are required to rip out old technology for new technology, according to a recent McKinsey Report. That’s why taking a agile integration approach versus a fork lifting approach, lowers the barrier to entry for organizations looking to truly transform their business, increasing the success rate of cross-organizational transformation processes.

NFV Orchestration Based on TOSCA

Cloudify’s TOSCA-based, open and pluggable architecture provides the management and orchestration (MANO) of the end-to-end NFV lifecycle (Day 0 through Day 2 operations) by serving as the NFVO & VNFM in the ETSI MANO architecture. This enables telcos and operators to build best of breed NFV stacks, and break the costly and long-procurement cycles of the historical proprietary black box model of OSS and BSS.

Cloudify for NFV

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Cloudify was designed from the ground up on principles of openness to power the IT transformation revolution - enabling organizations to design, build and deliver core business applications and network services more economically, without compromising on security or IT simplicity