Cloudify 4.5 Release Notes

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What’s New

  • Agents Improvements – new commands for listing agents are now available, simplifying tracking agents and their status including filtering options during installation.
  • Snapshots Improvements – snapshots are used to backup Cloudify’s state for upgrade and DR purposes. The process, including restoration from snapshot, has been improved and is now more robust, performant, and includes more options (such as queuing and skipping some failures)
  • Microservices Architecture – as part of Cloudify’s progression towards a micro services architecture an external DB is enabled. This setup is currently only supported for a single manager, and will be enhanced to support a cluster in the next release.
  • Actionable Events – pluggable framework enabling taking actions upon Cloudify events, with an OOTB implementation of SNMP traps for workflow related events
  • Deployment Wizard – UI guidance for blueprint deployment, enabling users to get to a running deployment quickly and efficiently
  • Multi management network post-bootstrap configuration – Added ability to add new environments on the fly via manager networks configuration.
  • K8S integration – enhanced support for bare metal and a variety of network implementations
  • Openstack networking enhancements
  • Azure support improvements


Features and Improvements

Cloudify 4.5 features tasks & general improvements:


Agents improvements

CY-577 – Agents list and filtering

Actionable hooks

CY-542 – Add the ability to send SNMP trap whenever a workflow starts or ends

CY-541 – Create a hook mechanism so that an event will trigger an action

Multiple management networks configuration

CY-509 – Add multiple management networks on running Manger

CY-551 – Make `cfy_manager add-networks` work in HA cluster (Premium only)

Snapshot improvements

CY-583 – Enable taking snapshots in maintenance mode

CY-538 – Snapshots process improvement

Technology & architecture

CY-471 – Upgrade flask framework

CY-405 – Replace Logstash with a pika/psycopg2-based implementation

Micro services

CY-534 – Support external postgres DB

CY-602 – Display external db status in cfy status

Deployment wizard

CY-523 – Create widget with buttons starting Deployment Wizard

CY-522 – Create Install Wizard for any blueprint

CY-521 – Create Install Wizard for Hello World blueprints

Kubernetes Enhancements

  • Kubernetes Blueprint: Support Bare Metal and Libvirt.
  • Kubernetes Blueprint: Support Weave/Flannel/Calico/etc as network cni plugin module.

OpenStack Enhancements

  • Openstack: Static Routes
  • Openstack: Add properties for assign IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses to Servers.
  • Openstack: Verify that servers are deleted when created with “force” creation.
  • Openstack: RBAC policies
  • Openstack: New flavor features.
  • Openstack: Support Backup/Restore.
  • Openstack: Add User type. Adding Users to projects and quotas.
  • Openstack: Support flavor type.
  • Openstack: Support Host Aggregate type.

Azure Enhancements

  • Azure: Support Azure Stack
  • Azure: Support Thumbprint-based auth.
  • Azure: Web Apps and Container Services.
  • Azure: Support updating NICs.
  • Azure: Support “existing” ARM template ‘deployment’ type.
  • Azure: Support installing Agent using User Data.

AWS Enhancements

  • AWSSDK: Support Installing Agents on Windows with Password.
  • AWSSDK: Support using upload object to S3 for use with Swift.
  • AWSSDK: Improve Error Handling on all resource’s create operation.
  • AWSSDK: Improve ELB Association with Instances.
  • AWSSDK: Add properties for assign IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses to Instances.
  • AWSSDK: Support modify vpc/subnet attribute operation.

Deployment Proxy Improvements

  • Deployment Proxy: Support Pagination for Managers with lots of deployments and executions.
  • Deployment Proxy: Support long-running executions.
  • Deployment Proxy: Ignore proxy-deployment errors on uninstall unless otherwise specified.
  • Deployment Proxy: Support inherited types.
  • Deployment Proxy: Support specifying Plugins and Secrets requirements as part of the Deployment Proxy definition.



CY-594 – Make the node instance ID accessible via DSL

CY-595 – Enable setting kerberos env in mgmtworker

CY-590 – Enable setting kerberos env in local profile

CY-168 – JSON output in the CLI

CY-607 – add timeout to ldap connections (Premium only)

CY-599 – Use agents from other deployments (“proxy”)

CY-651 – Add missing indexes to logs and events tables

CY-571 – max_results for REST Service should be customizable

CY-531 – Nginx support only strong ciphers

CY-528 – RabbitMQ supports only strong ciphers

Execution Plugin: package your own executions in a deployment.

Scalelist: Scale up and Scale Down workflows for runtime scaling groups.

Terminal Plugin: Close connections.

Resolved Issues

Issues from previous releases that are resolved in Cloudify 4.5:

CY-537 – Private IP validation fails for hostnames

CY-506 – “cfy profiles set” during installation, should not skip validations

CY-504 – “cfy_manager remove” will fail if installation was incomplete

CY-499 – Uninstalling cloudify manager leaves socat package behind

CY-467 – Script plugin may fail an operation if proxy closure fails

CY-460 – “get_attribute” to multi-instance node template returns HTTP 500

CY-458 – Existence of /var/pgdata.tmp directory prevents in place upgrade

CY-320 – The widgets folder on the manager is approachable by users

CY-570 – Multiple location headers cause issues

CY-569 – need to remove broker_pass from provider_context

CY-568 – Move RabbitMQ’s PID reference from /var/run to /run

CY-567 – Move cloudify-restservice’s tmpfile into systemd unit file

CY-544 – ctx download-resource doesn’t work for images

CY-503 – Cloudify should not store any file at /tmp

CY-480 – Python Traceback error injected into executions list

CY-477 – Provide sensible nginx definitions for high load

CY-182 – Admin’s password is echoed to world-readable /var/log/cloudify/manager/cfy_manager.log

CY-601 – ldap authetication may fail if some of the user data is missing (Premium only)

CY-627 – Log messages not correct in stage backend

CY-624 – Restoring snapshot with two secrets with the same key in different tenants overwrite one of them (Premium only)