The Convergence of Network Virtualization and DevOps Whitepaper

Read about how networking is becoming cool again, how technology has caught up to the complexities of networking, and what the future holds.

(NFV) is not only a telco specialty, but enterprises have fallen behind in the networking space for various reasons, among them competition, technology maturity, and market demand. The DevOps transformation is also in full swing and the network is the next big hurdle.
This whitepaper discusses the evolution of the network in enterprises and telcos in the framework of DevOps. You will learn about the challenges of current networking practices and how moving to Open Networking and Open Orchestration will ensure your network is future proof. Finally, it will dive into the how the future of networking will look.

Whitepaper Highlights:

  • The three great networking transformations
  • What caused and enabled these transformations
  • The move to Open Networking and its promise
  • Why the the future of networking lies at the edge

Download the whitepaper and learn more about Open Source Network Orchestration and the future of networking.

Download the whitepaper