NFV and What it Means to You

The Road to NFV is Paved with Challenges - Learn what they are and how to overcome them

In the past with dedicated hardware and software, networking functions were complex and had innate scale limitations; but now the cloud has now made it possible to expose these aspects to the user, and has enabled dynamic customization as never seen before.
But as NFV (network function virtualization) becomes a real pain point, more network vendors are working on a solution of how to take their existing investment in network products and make them NFV-enabled. The decision to move to NFV is based on the growing need for standardized architecture built on commodity hardware, elasticity and scale based on software-driven networking, which would then enable flexibility that would reduce vendor lock-in, all enabling faster time to market, and representing a growth engine for this highly-competitive industry.

Network functions virtualization is at the heart of some major transformations for telecomNetwork functions virtualization is at the heart of some major transformations for telecom operators, but it’s only going to work if it remains as open as possible…. What’s needed is a unified approach, one where all services are managed end-to-end.
Axel Clauberg, Vice president of IP Architecture and design at Deutsche Telekom

Cloudify, the open source NFV Orchestrator, and it’s NFV team, has compiled a report on what NFV means to your organization, and how to make sense of it all. This report also outlines the need for a uniform standard for NFV orchestration, which brings open orchestration, automation of complex workflows and infrastructure monitoring together to enable the automation and self-management of applications on multiple VIM (Virtual Infrastructure Manager).
Some of the key findings include:

  • The need for a Standards backed and infrastructure agnostic open source framework
  • Achieving NFV “Automagically” via automation of virtual routers and more
  • Use Case: NFV in a Week with Open Source Tooling

Our report will help you make an informed decision on how to actually make a decision about what NFV really can mean for your organization.

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