Use NFV to Deploy Universal CPE

Read more about how Cloudify, Kapsch CarrierCom, and Advantech, are using NFV and orchestrating network functions to be hosted on Intel architecture-based servers

Download the solution brief to learn about orchestrating uCPE today

Kapsch CarrierCom and Advantech have
developed a comprehensive network customer deployment solution leveraging
software contributions from an ecosystem of software vendors, including
Cloudify, the TOSCA-based provider of management and orchestration (MANO)

Whitepaper Highlights:

  • OVP functionality
  • Orchestration. Cloudify is used to set up SD-WAN connectivity on each of the CPEs.
  • SD-WAN functionality

Download the whitepaper and learn more about how NFV can take your Universal CPE to production.

Download the uCPE NFV Solution Brief

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