Hybrid Cloud: Today’s Wild West Of Enterprise Operations

Hybrid cloud is changing the way we create applications. It's now easier than ever for application development teams to reach out and work directly on cloud environments. But for IT leaders, the situation has become problematic. They’re now dealing with countless applications running independently on multiple, disjointed cloud environments.

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IT Wrestles With Uncontrollable Costs, Lack Of Uniformity, And Impaired Visibility

The fact that applications are run in unmanaged silos forces IT to wrestle with uncontrollable cloud costs, lack of standards, and impaired visibility. It’s nearly impossible to manage anything in this chaos.

Workflows Are Manual And Slow

It takes a tremendous amount of custom work to program the automation and management of each application, making for a slow and inefficient workflow. These manual, siloed activities suffer from low reusability, are prone to human error, and generate components that don’t integrate with existing systems.

Current Solutions Are Infrastructure-Centric And Force Compromising On Cloud Features

CMP solutions focus on monitoring and managing infrastructure resources. That approach doesn’t fit a continuous deployment environment and proves extremely difficult to manage and integrate.
These solutions advertise a “single pane of glass” but abstract to the least common denominator, restricting developers from using the wide array of advanced services offered by modern cloud infrastructures.

That’s Why We Built Cloudify Pure-play Application Orchestration:

Cloudify set out on a mission to create the best orchestration environment. Cloudify Pure-Play Application Orchestration helps organizations nimbly deploy applications and drastically improve operational manageability and efficiency.

  • App- Centric

    App-centric by design, to best fit the app lifecycle in a continuous deployment environment

  • Automated Workflow

    Cloudify Blueprints automate app operation, greasing the way for rapid deployment while eliminating integration effort

  • All Cloud Features

    Unrestricted access to cloud-based features, in a technology-agnostic platform

  • Single Pane Of Glass

    IT regains visibility and management of company-wide app operations

We Believe Freedom Doesn't Have To Spell Chaos

Cloudify is here to make apps thrive and companies excel. With Cloudify, developers are free to create, without hindering IT’s ability to manage. Application development in the hybrid cloud may have been a wild scene until now, but Cloudify is how the west was won.

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